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 Phone On-ear headset Corded (سماعة رأس) Mono Black Microphone noise cancelling.

  • Transfer type: Corded (1075100)    
  • Functions: Microphone noise cancelling    
  • Factory colour: Black    
  • Headset connection
  • RJ9 plug    
  • Earphone type: On-ear    
  • Headband-type: Overhead    
  • Audio channels: Mono    
  • Compatible: Universal    
  • Product type: On-ear headset    
  • Suitable for Yealink, Grandstream, AVAYA, etc. telephones 
  • متوافقة مع أجهزة يالينك وقراند ستريم وافايا

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise AH11GA Phone On-ear headset Corded (سماعة رأس) Mono Bl

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